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RESTORATION COATING TECHNOLOGIES                                          A SOLUTION FOR ALL
Restoration coatings come in two different formulas, each specifically
formulated to provide solutions based on a facility’s environmental       Lapolla’s high performance Restoration
and exposure challenges.                                                  Coating Systems is a water-based, high
                                                                          solids elastomeric roof coating designed to
The RCS 5000 is an acrylic elastomeric roof coating designed to           protect and sustain the life of both commercial
provide an economical protective wear surface, reflectivity, and          and residential low-sloped roofs.
renewability. RCS 5000 is ideal for low-slope roofs with
positive drainage.                                                        • Concrete
                                                                          • Single-ply
Thermo-Sil is a silicone elastomeric roof coating designed to provide     • Asphalt shingle
a protective wear surface, reflectivity, and renewability. Silicone is a  • Galvanized metal
moisture-cured coating designed to provide long-lasting performance       • Modified bitumen
in the most rigorous climates. Thermo-Sil resists standing water,         • Built-up and emulsion asphalt
chemical exposure, and has outstanding low temperature flexibility.
                                                                          Restoration Coating System 5000 is available
                                                                          in a variety of colors as well as custom colors
                                                                          to meet any facility’s needs. Available in
                                                                          regular, quick-set, and fast-set formulas.

                                                                          For a small percentage of the
                                                                          original cost, the RCS 5000 roof can
                                                                          be recoated and renewed, further
                                                                          extending the longevity
                                                                          and protection of the property.


Polyester Fabric	         Butyl Tape
Direct-to-Metal Primer		  Caulk Sealant
General Use Primers       EPDM Rinseable Primer
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